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Incorporate gamification into gym classes

System designed for schools and education facilities

Let kids have some fun in school!

Effective way of strengthening body and rhythmics skills

Good workout increases self-motivation and ability to learn

Safe way of learnig competing

Let kids stress off and be positively-inclined

Technology for better education

Show kids healthy examples of technology usage

Engage up to 32 pupils

Diverse physical education classes

No tech knowledge required from teachers

Get in a fun workout!

A new service in your fitness club or sport facility:

Perfect for fitness geeks and sport groups

Improve body movement and balance

Burn calories with good vibes

Experience battle-tested technology

All our clients obtain high quality technology and support

How it works

Dedicated software

Fully integrated software

Pre-configured dance pads for quick start

Friendly interface to manage pads

Loader app included for adding more songs

Wireless dance pad system

Radio transmitter to manage communication among devices

2.4-GHz bandwidth ensures high quality experience

RF to USB adapter

Built-in receiver with rechargeable lion battery

So, are you ready to make workout fun?

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