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See the gameplay from CowEye  - [DDR] Rain On Me - Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

Experience arcade machine at home

Made for high performance

High sensitivity

Self-adhesive anti-slip straps

Low stroke of sensors

Aluminium borders and ABS

Optimal weight for stability

Extend your set by a handlebar!

Up and running in minutes

Few clicks to start playing

Free game STEPMANIA and a set of Stepmix 3 songs included

Detachable cable

Hidden USB slot for better plug&cable protection

Choose what fits you most

DDR pads for PROs

PIU pads for PROs

DDR pads for not (yet) PROs

PIU pads for not (yet) PROs

Make it yours!

You can personalize your dance pad by creating your own design of central panel and arrows.

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