Initial setup of a dance pad for Windows

In this article you will find information about how to set up a dance mat for the very first time.

Here’s what this article covers:

Unbox the dance pad

  • Open the box. Inside you should find the dance mat and USB cable.
  • Place the dance mat on a flat surface.
  • If it slides you can put a rug or an anti-slip mat under it.,

Connect the dance pad with your device

The plug needs to be turned in the right way. In the picture below you can see that slanted part of the plug is hold upwards.

When connecting the plug to the dance mat you should feel a click. If you do, the plug is placed properly in the socket.

Connect the other end of the USB cable to your PC.

Check if the dance pad is detected on your PC

TO do that, click the Start button and then select Settings.

Then select Devices.

The Dance Mat should be visible on the page Bluetooth & other devices in the section Other devices.

Ok, that's it. Job well done!
Now, you can see what the Next steps are.

If something went wrong, go to Troubleshooting section.

Next steps

You can install a free game software StepMania to play games on your dance pad. We use StepMania to show how to map the dance mat with your device, so if you want to see how do, you need to install the game first.

If you want to see how to install it, go to How to install StepMania.


If your dance mat isn't detected on your PC, then go to The Dance Mat isn't detected on Windows device - Troubleshooting.