Delivery is our secret sauce

When we design our products we always keep in mind that they will travel around the world, so we want to make the delivery process as easy, robust and cheap as possible. And that's why we've spent a considerable amount of time analyzing shippment options to create the optimal packing methods and select the best delivery offers.

Psst.. below we share some details to let you be sure that your order will be safe and sound in transportation.

Packing and shipment process


A new order was placed

  • We receive information about a new order
  • We double check all the details of the order
  • We complete the order and prepare it for packing

The order is getting ready for a journey

  • We use cardboards with corner-edge protection
  • The package is covered with a glass fibre reinforced packing tape
  • The items won't be moving inside the box in the transportation

On the way to the new home

  • The shipment is ready to go
  • We hand the order over to delivery company

Home sweet home

  • Courier delivers the package to your home
  • Unbox the order
  • Set it up and it's ready to play!

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Return policy

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