How to install more songs for StepMania

StepMania is a free game, but it comes only with 3 pre-installed songs and in this article you will show you how to add more songs.

Here’s what this article covers:

Adding more songs to StepMania

First of all, we need to download a pack with some additional songs.
Visit this site and then click Download.

Go to the downloaded file and do the right click on it, and select Extract All.

The new window should pop up and here please click again Extract.

After the extraction you should see a folder In The Groove Rebirth, that contains many other folders.

  • Open another window and navigate to your StepMania directory. By default it should be C:\Games\Stepmania
  • And then open the Songs folder.
  • Drag the In The Groove Rebirth folder and drop it to the Songs folder, like this:

The final result must look like the one below.

Let's check if you can see the new songs in StepMania. They should be visible on the song wheel.

Let’s add another set of new songs

Let's get another song! Follow our guideline to install Uptown funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. First of all, go to this site and click on ZIP to download the song.

Once again, let's extract the downloaded file.

This time, we extracted a folder with one song only. You can notice it becuase instead of folders, you see various files like ogg and sm.

If a folder contains just one song, you cannot place it directly in the Songs folder. Instead, go to C:\Games\Stepmania\Songs\StepMania 5 directory and drag the song there.

Now you can re-launch the game and the new song will appear inside the StepMania 5 folder.

Ok, that's it. Job well done!
Are you looking for more songs check these websites.

Where to get more songs?

Songs for StepMania are hosted by the community of players. Here are some places you can check out to find some more:

In The Groove
Ben Speirs
Various Other Songs